The constant demand for improved performance and specifications for architectural and security glass means highly technical, multi-layer glass manufacturing needs careful management and precision during production.

Additionally, building regulations are becoming increasingly stringent, with building owners wanting:

  • Class-leading glass features
  • Extreme levels of security

Understanding what is not only possible but achievable with glass is vital for customers specifying architectural glass and security glass.

Glazing Consultants

Kite Glass frequently acts early on at the design stage as glazing consultants to architects. This ensures that glazing options are able to meet with the design and environmental need of the building and its immediate environment. We also work closely with building consultants, quantity surveyors and specifiers.

The partnership relationships that Kite Glass has with leading companies, such as AGC, Kuraray and Everlam, allow us to work with and provide cutting-edge, innovative glass products and glass materials that have been used in some of the UK’s most prestigious London landmarks, low, medium and high rise buildings.

Kite Glass’ range of case studies showcase our experience and give some examples of our glass in action.


We have a consultative approach and are happy to provide advice and information on all our glass products.