Private Residence Staircase, South West

Whilst the majority of our glass is provided for large-scale developments and markets such as infrastructure, retail and transport, we also work within the residential sector, providing solutions that are as reliable as they are beautiful.

In 2020, Kite Glass worked with a long-standing customer to provide a technically-complex glass staircase solution for a 1-storey private residence in the South West.

The staircase comprised of 28 stair tread panels of 31.78mm toughened SentryGlas® laminated glass. All panels were built with laminated fittings and shaped with nominal radius corners, as well as being CNC polished and heat soaked. The finish of the glass was created by sandblasting and applying a Ritec coating.

In addition to the stair treads, two further 31.78mm SentryGlas® laminated panels were fitted; one on the ground floor, and one on the first floor landing. In order to match the stair panels, these involved the same finishes and fittings.

This project required high levels of precision when drilling due to the fittings being laminated into the glass, however, once completed, this allowed the panels to be fixed easily.

Processes Included:

Laminating, Polishing, Heat Soaking, Sandblasting, Toughening, Drilling