Quality & Standards

Quality & Standards

When considering glass quality standards, manufacturing and performance standards are fundamental to our entire production process. Our high-quality manufacture begins from initial design and testing, right through to final production.

Only materials of the highest quality are utilised to create the glass products we provide.

Our Glass Quality Specifications

We work strictly to BS and EN product standards, often exceeding the performance necessary to pertain to the exact standard recognised with a specific Kite mark, ISO or CE label. At Kite Glass, all glass thicknesses, tints and finishes are included on the Kite mark, ISO or CE label license scope.

We have held the BSI Kitemark™ standard for 30 years and continuously assess and monitor our methods. We also regularly review our working practices to ensure that Kite Glass always provides a fully compliant product to our customers in the market place.

For a comprehensive list of all quality marks present on our glass products, please see our dedicated quality marks page. 


We have a consultative approach and are happy to provide advice and information on all our glass products.