Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

It’s hard today not to be aware of how our behaviour and actions impact on the environment around us. As manufacturers of glass products that require furnaces to obtain the high temperatures needed for our products, we fully understand the need to carefully manage energy, utilise materials from sustainable sources wherever possible and recycle waste.

Kite Glass is fully committed to the reduction of the environmental impact in running our business. We continuously focus on improving and incorporating new environmental features to our business. We always endeavour to operate in a way which ensures good environmental management, balancing business needs with the need to protect both our local and global environments.

All glass and interlayers waste is returned for recycling, other office and site waste materials are disposed of via licensed and approved contractors.


Private Residence Staircase, South West

Whilst the majority of our glass is provided for large-scale developments and markets such as infrastructure, retail and transport, we also work within the residential sector, providing solutions that are as reliable as they are beautiful. In 2020, Kite Glass worked with a long-standing customer…

Battersea Power Station Underground Station

The Grade II listed Battersea Power Station was central to a large development project. Providing thousands of new jobs and homes, its connectivity into the City is ensured through the Northern Line Extension (NLE) with the construction of the new Battersea Power Station’s London Underground…

The Oracle Reading Canopy

The Oracle Shopping Centre in Reading is not just a collection of shops; it has also played a larger part of the city’s development over the years. First opening in 1999, it has had an important role in the social and economic regeneration of Reading…

We have a consultative approach and are happy to provide advice and information on all our glass products.