Laminated Glass

What is Laminated Glass?

Laminated glass is constructed from two or more panels of glass, sandwiching an interlayer which bonds the glass together.

Should the glass be broken, the main function of the plastic interlayer is to retain the broken glass in situ, holding glass fragments in place in the event of breakage.

Typically, laminated safety glass is fabricated using annealed glass which has not undergone any thermal heat treatment to increase its overall strength.

Standard laminated glass is therefore just as susceptible to breakage as annealed glass and also has a slightly lower light transmission than ordinary glass of the same thickness.

Laminated Safety Glass

To overcome the strength issue of laminated glass, Kite Glass uses toughened flat glass as an alternative to annealed glass.

The result is a glass product that:

  • has the strength of toughened glass (approximately five times that of annealed).
  • is thermally safe.
  • will resist high temperatures without breakage.

Kite Glass toughened laminated glass provides extraordinary levels of strength and performance under stress or impact.

Capable of withstanding extreme pressure loads when correctly installed, our glass solutions are fully approved for the use in full height barriers, infill panels, barriers and structural balustrades.

Kite Glass will offer advice on the choice of interlayers, to allow architects and specifiers options for the reduction of sound and ultra-violet light transmission and tinted interlayers.

Kite Glass can supply and install laminated windows for the following:

Kite Glass’ range of case studies showcase our experience and give some examples of our glass in action.


We have a consultative approach and are happy to provide advice and information on all our glass products.