Blast Resistant Glass

Blast Resistant Glass

Why do we need blast resistant glass?

Flying glass shards caused by the pressure of explosions can cause huge casualties when they come into contact with people.

The threat of terrorism and violent criminal activity has focused the minds of glass producers the world over, who work to provide blast proof glass solutions to lower the risk of injury and fatalities from bombs and other blast situations.

As one of the UK’s leading laminated glass specialists, Kite Glass works alongside top interlayer manufacturers, glass consultants and UK regulatory bodies to ensure the glass products we produce for applications with a high-security risk meet the stringent standards of ISO 16933:2007.

Blast Mitigation Glass Solutions

Taking full advantage of Everlam’s world-renowned Butacite® PVB and Kuraray’s SentryGlas® interlayers, Kite Glass offers customers an extensive range of blast mitigation glass suitable for architectural, structural and high-security-risk glass applications.

In all cases, the blast resistant glass is designed to:

  • Absorb maximum energy from the blast.
  • Disperse the impact pressure wave.
  • Retain the broken glass, thus avoiding flying glass debris.

Kite Glass works under strict confidentiality agreements with regards to the make-up and testing information of each site-specific project, however, in line with our consultative approach to customer requests, we are always happy to discuss new projects.

Kite Glass’ range of case studies showcase our experience and give some examples of blast resistant glass in action.


We have a consultative approach and are happy to provide advice and information on all our glass products.