Vision & Values

In a highly competitive price-driven market, to be the best, a business has to perform to levels that frequently astound their customers. At Kite Glass, we have built a reputation on quality; holding the BSI Kitemark™ standard for 25 years, however, we know quality doesn’t occur when a company’s ethos, vision and values aren’t rigorously upheld and developed.

It’s our way of business, which is underpinned by long-serving, dedicated directors and managers and a set of values that all at Kite Glass work to achieve.

Our values are:

Excellence We constantly look for innovative and creative glass solutions that provide customers with outstanding quality that excels in durability, lifespan and financial value.
Respect We take nothing for granted, and work with respect and care for our customers, suppliers, employees, partners and the environment.
Understanding We take great care to ensure we understand our customers’ needs and challenge everything we propose to ensure that our services constantly exceed customer expectations.
Integrity We demand honesty and openness from all of our employees and practice the same towards our customers, undertaking any and all business offered to us with integrity in every case.