Origin Architectural

Origin Architectural

Kite Glass recently worked with Origin Architectural on the supply of a stunning Juliet balcony. The balcony was made from the Skyforce frameless Juliet balcony system and was installed at a property on the south coast of England that overlooks the sea.

The customer had many requirements:

  • To continue to enjoy the stunning views of the sea from the Juliet balcony.
  • The Juliet balcony had to be safe and secure, given the prevailing sea winds.
  • The profiles needed to be protected against salt water.
  • The Juliet balcony needed to look good with the existing frames of the building.

Kite Glass worked closely with Origin on this project. Having discussed the requirements with both Kite Glass and the customer, it was agreed that the Skyforce system would be the best solution.

The starting point for both Kite Glass and Origin Architectural is always the safety of the installation. The Juliet balcony, with a width of 1.5m., was fixed to an aluminium frame. The Skyforce system, using 17.5mm toughened laminate glass, is fully tested to 0.74kN at a width of 1.5m when fixed to an aluminium frame. Under building regulations, 0.74kN is the pressure per meter the Juliet balcony must withstand before it starts to move within its structure.

Origin Architectural advised the customer on how to measure the width of the panel. They simply measured from the outside of the Skyforce profile on one side to the outside of the Skyforce profile on the other side and deducted 70mm. To meet building regulations, the height of the panel was 1080mm (with the end caps, the overall height of the balcony itself was 1100mm).

Once the dimensions of the glass panel had been agreed upon, Origin then worked with Kite Glass who manufactured the glass to the exact dimensions and then delivered it directly to the customer. The panel was made with dubbed corners (which removes their sharpness) and polished edges. While the panel of glass was being manufactured, Kite Glass contacted the customer on Origin’s behalf to agree upon a delivery date and time. The panel was delivered at the time and date promised, and the customer could not have been happier.

Because it was important to the customer that the colour of the Juliet balcony matched the existing frames of the building and that it was protected against salt water, Origin Architectural arranged for the profiles to be powder-coated to RAL 7016 to match the existing window frames. Not only did this protect the aluminium frames from corrosion, but they also looked fantastic.

The customer was delighted with the result. Kite Glass and Origin Architectural delivered an outstanding product within the promised timescales. The customer is now able to use the Juliet balcony to view the approaching boats from the sea via a telescope and capture them on camera.

Origin Architectural are one of Kite Glass’s clients and a leading supplier of glass balustrades and Juliet balconies. Working together we made the perfect fit for this project.

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