In support of a Ukrainian friend

In support of a Ukrainian friend

Little did Jana Zahradnikova, Kite Glass’ new Commercial Director and her husband, Martin Zahradnik – Supervisor, realise when they got in touch with Lyudmyla, originally from Ukraine, that they would be offering job opportunities to the family, as well as a free cot.

Kite Glass has welcomed Lyudmyla into an admin role and her eldest son, Vlad, to the factory floor, as part of our apprenticeship programme for young people.

When the war in Ukraine struck earlier this year, Lyudmyla, with her young son and elderly father escaped and sought refuge with her eldest son Vlad who was, at the time, finishing his university studies in Biotechnology in Urbino, Italy.

 “I will never forget when my father called me and told me that we are at war, that Russian troops invaded Ukrainian territory… and I was really scared.”

Lyudmyla is no stranger to living in England as she came over to this country back in 2019. Due to personal reasons she had to go back to Ukraine and look for a job there whilst bringing up a new-born baby.

Having to face the reality of her home country being at war and worried about the future of her family, Lyudmyla took the decision to return to England to start a new life with her family. Her strong and decisive character has helped her to overcome the challenges of settling into a new home, here in Surrey, with her family.

“Now I have found a small flat, where all of us are staying. In the hope of later being able to rent a larger accommodation. But we are safe. And my son no longer cries out when he hears loud noises … But he stills wants me to hold him as he feels safer in my arms.”

Kite Glass is delighted to have played a small part in helping this Ukrainian family, who have been struck by the horrors of war and wish them safer and happier times in the future.

“For me it is a real miracle that came about through these generous people. I just say THANK YOU. And I will pray to God for them.”