UBS Broadgate, London

5 Broadgate is an architecturally innovative 12 storey ‘ground scraper’ with four trading floors that cover 67,000 square metres and is one of the world’s greenest building with 65% lower carbon emissions that the previous two buildings on the site. Housing the new headquarters for UBS and 6,000 people this immense building in the heart of the City of London offers something different aesthetically and architecturally. With four vast trading floors, 5 Broadgate is the biggest single concentration of traders in the City.

Kite Glass was delighted to be part of another iconic building in the City of London, especially one so wildly anticipated. Part of the project involved working with the Architect and our client OAG to produce glass unique in appearance to achieve the desired result.

The final product was SentryGlas laminated mirror and satin glass which then had brilliant cut grooves and sandblasted darker strips. All these separate processes tested our ingenuity and machine capability. Whilst there was a range of traditional structural glass, Kite Glass also supplied Black, White and Red panels for wall cladding all leading to a stunning appearance.

Processes included:

Polishing, Drilling, Toughening, Heat Soaking, Laminating, Screen Printing

laminating, toughening