Cartwright Gardens, University of London

There was a strong demand from students of the University of London for allocated accommodation near to their places of study. This led to the development of The Garden Halls including 1,200 rooms, the opening of Carwright Gardens to the community along with creating a building in keeping with the Bloomsbury Conservation Area.

Working closely with The Wilde Group on glass design and specification for the structural elements, Kite Glass was required to supply 11.5 Clear Toughened Laminated glass along with 39mm Screenprinted and Sandblasted glass in order to enhance the aesthetic of the building giving it a more modern and vibrant feel. Further to this we were also required to supply 19mm Toughened glass for structural barriers.

The glass supplied covered a total of 320m2. Kite Glass was very proud to have been part of an exciting project like this.

Processes included:

Polishing, Drilling, Toughening, Heat Soaking, Laminating, Screen Printing

laminating, screen printing, toughening