Gavin Ashton – Production Manager

Gavin Ashton – Production Manager

Kite Glass are delighted to appoint Gavin Ashton as their new Production Manager. Gavin comes to Kite Glass with an engineering background in the Motorsport Industry, where delivery and quality is paramount to success.

A few weeks into the role, Gavin shares his key objectives and the changes he is looking to make, to maintain the quality standard and lead times that Kite Glass customers expect.

Gavin Ashton states; “Customer satisfaction is our primary objective and, as such, we are working to get to the point where we are 48 hours ahead of our delivery schedule, the ultimate goal is to shorten our lead times and develop the flow of work through the factory.” Gavin went on to explain that this is now even more difficult at present given the compromised supply of glass from Europe, resulting in Kite Glass having to be more reactive than proactive.”

Gavin talks about the team; “We have some really highly-skilled, long-serving staff as well as quite a lot of new team members, who will need mentoring and development.” Gavin is “working closely with the factory supervisors to assess skill levels and develop processes within the factory. I am looking to work with the team to create a better structure, develop skill levels, enhance motivation and really take the business forwards.” He adds, “It feels as if everyone needs a company cuddle at the moment, especially with Covid this year, so we are working on the soft skills on the shop floor and have good Covid measures in place to ensure everyone on-site is kept safe and well.”

“Cultural change is challenging, but I am really encouraged by the board’s willingness to take feedback on board and respond. Kite Glass has vast amounts of business-wide potential and it has to be our intention to unleash this in a controlled manner and allow everyone to reap the benefits.”